About us

About Quantum Dental Arts

Quantum strives to be an active part of the dental team, concentrating on what is best for the patient and working to complete the team with comprehensive and effective treatment planning.

Founded in 1994, QDA sets high ethical standards in services and products. As the owner, I have maintained a driving passion for dentistry. The advent of digital dentistry has renewed my desire for education and my excitement regarding the future of dental restorations.

Digital Workflows provide a consistent and predictable result. The key is having the most knowledgeable technicians do the designs. It makes fulfilling our solemn oath to make every patient’s life better.

Our guiding principle is the patient. The sooner we can return the restoration, the less impact the temporary has on the situation. And the patient will have a better experience.

Our specialties are anterior esthetics, esthetic Zirconia, and amazing goldwork.

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