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The Quicr Quantum Implant Cementer is a must-have tool for your dental office or laboratory. Guaranteed the correct seating and cementing of your crowns and abutments! Save time with the Quicr!

The Quantum Protector

Keep your work area cleaner and safer with the a workstation designed for protection and precision in crafting the delicate work of digital dentistry. The Quantum Protector is a workstation designed for technicians by technicians. The Quantum Protector reduces noise pollution, prevents the loss of materials, keeps dust contained, and much more.

Quicr Tray

The Quicr Tray is the ideal companion to your Quicr Implant Cementer tool, making it easy to access what you need when cementing. The Quicr Tray also keeps all your small parts organized and prevents them from falling on the floor.

Quicr Replacement Parts

Parts A and B of the Quicr

Replacement Sleeves

These are the perfect replacement for worn out sleeves on your Protector. Choose from Royal Blue, Black ot Grey. Sold in pairs.

Replacement Face Screen

Replacement clear acrylic face screens are available to keep your vision crisp and concise as you perform your delicate work.

Protector Replacement Bulb

Daylight LED for the best lighting and less strain on the eyes.
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